Cracking the Code: Today’s Wordle Puzzle


Wordle, the popular online word-guessing game, has taken the internet by storm. In this game, players are challenged to guess a five-letter word by making guesses and receiving feedback on the correctness of their guesses. With its simple yet addictive nature, Wordle has become a favorite pastime for many. In this article, we will explore strategies and tips to crack the code and solve today’s Wordle puzzle.

Understanding the Rules

Before diving into strategies, it is important to understand the rules of Wordle. The game presents you with a five-letter word, and your task is to guess the word within six attempts. After each guess, the game provides feedback in the form of colored squares:

  • A green square indicates a correct letter in the correct position.
  • A yellow square indicates a correct letter in the wrong position.
  • A gray square indicates an incorrect letter.

By analyzing the feedback, you can narrow down the possibilities and make more informed guesses.

Strategy #1: Start with Common Letters

When approaching a Wordle puzzle, it is often helpful to start with common letters. Letters like ‘E’, ‘A’, ‘R’, and ‘T’ are frequently used in English words, so guessing them in the first few attempts can provide valuable information. If any of these letters are present in the word, you will receive green or yellow squares as feedback, giving you a head start in cracking the code.

Strategy #2: Use Process of Elimination

As you make guesses and receive feedback, it is important to eliminate possibilities. If a letter is incorrect, you can rule out all words that contain that letter. Similarly, if a letter is in the wrong position, you can eliminate words that have that letter in a different position. By narrowing down the options, you increase your chances of finding the correct word within the limited number of attempts.

Strategy #3: Look for Patterns

Patterns can provide valuable clues in solving Wordle puzzles. Pay attention to the feedback you receive after each guess. If you consistently receive yellow squares in the same positions, it indicates a pattern. This suggests that the word has a specific letter in those positions. By identifying and utilizing these patterns, you can make more precise guesses and save attempts.

Strategy #4: Use Word Associations

Word associations can be a powerful tool in Wordle. If you are stuck and running out of ideas, try thinking of words that are associated with the given word. For example, if the puzzle word is ‘apple’, you might consider words like ‘fruit’, ‘red’, ‘sweet’, or ‘juicy’. These associations can trigger ideas and help you make educated guesses.


Cracking the code of a Wordle puzzle requires a combination of logic, deduction, and a bit of luck. By following these strategies and practicing regularly, you can improve your skills and increase your chances of solving today’s Wordle puzzle. Remember, the key is to analyze the feedback, eliminate possibilities, and make educated guesses. So, put your thinking cap on and start cracking those words!