Découvrez Sihanoukville lors d’une visite privée d’une journée

Sihanoukville, positioned on the south-west coast of Cambodia, is a famous balneaire vacation spot that offers lovely sable white seashores and a relaxed ecosystem. If you desire to discover this fascinating coastal city in an afternoon, a non-public excursion is the right manner to absolutely enjoy your revel in.

A personal tour allows you to customize your itinerary based for your pastimes. You can start by means of travelling the most famous beaches of Sihanoukville, consisting of the seaside d’Otres, the seashore Sokha or the seaside d’Independence. Enjoy the sun, swim inside the crystalline waters and rest on the nice and cozy sable.

Next, you can explore the nearby marketplace of Sihanoukville, in which you can discover a whole lot of clean products and souvenirs. Taste scrumptious tropical culmination, dishes of sparkling sea end result and nearby specialties. Impregnate your self with the lively and colorful atmosphere of the marketplace.

If you’re inquisitive about history and culture, you may go to the Maritime Museum of Sihanoukville. This captivating museum offers the maritime history of Cambodia, with exhibitions on fishing, navigation and the lifestyles of local fishermen. You may be capable of learn more about the importance of the ocean for the life of the population of Sihanoukville.

Finally, do now not leave out an excursion by way of boat to find out the surrounding islands. The islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are renowned for his or her immaculate beaches and their turquoise waters. You can move diving with a tuba, relax at the seaside and discover the colorful marine life.

A personal one-day tour of Sihanoukville will allow you to find out the best components of this balmy city in a brief time. Enjoy the herbal beauty, the nearby culture and the maritime records of Sihanoukville at some stage in this unforgettable experience.