How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy – Step-By-Step Guide


Little Alchemy is a beloved online game that challenges players to combine different elements together to produce something entirely new. One key element found within Little Alchemy is metal, used for crafting various objects and materials within Little Alchemy. We will demonstrate here the step-by-step process for producing metal in Little Alchemy.

Step 1: Start with Basic Elements

Before creating metal, you must possess the basic elements such as air, earth, fire and water in your inventory. If these do not already exist, creating them using available elements in game is simple enough.

Step 2: Combine Earth and Fire

Once you have the basic elements, the next step should be combining earth and fire elements. Combine Earth with Fire until lava appears – an essential ingredient when creating metal alloys! Make sure it is part of your inventory.

Step 3: Combine Lava and Air

Once you have lava, the next step should be combining it with air. Drag the lava element over to air, and you will discover a brand new element called stone! Stone is essential when making metal; so ensure it is part of your inventory.

Step 4: Combine Stone and Fire

As soon as you have stone, the next step should be combining it with fire. By dragging the stone element onto fire element and dropping, metal will appear! Congratulations – you have just created metal in Little Alchemy!


Little Alchemy makes use of metal as an essential element, so understanding how to produce it is paramount to progressing through the game. By following this step-by-step guide, it should be simple for you to create metal and use it to craft various objects and materials – have fun discovering its world!