Must Have Features in a TMS for Seamless Translation Experience

Translation services are continuously expanding, offering real-time support to businesses and online brands to accomplish their goal of globalization. These services are crucial to building a strong brand reputation and expanding your business around the world. Investing in translation and localization always goes in your favor as you take the first step to expand your business horizons and target new customers. Translation is a long-term investment that shows lucrative returns in terms of global access and uninterrupted business expansion. It helps you eliminate competition in the global market, identify your loopholes, and create a dynamic strategy to reach the pinnacle of success.

Key Translation Management System Features

Many businesses and brands had already adopted translation but didn’t manage to utilize it to the full extent because of a lack of support and resources from their translation providers. Similarly, translation companies observed a pressing demand for a distinct translation management system to provide clients with all-in-one translation solutions. Over time, several translation platforms have been launched to automate the translation experience. Furthermore, these platforms include state-of-the-art features that help customers save a lot of time and money. 

Graphics and Visual Management

Brands usually struggle to sustain the same theme and design while localizing their graphical content. Particularly, website and game designs need specific attention to detail to preserve the same responsiveness in different languages. It becomes frustrating to manage all the tasks in user interface and web content localization. This is where you need to bank on a professional localization system to cover all the technical aspects. Moreover, you can enhance the impact of your user interface, serve different customers, and target new markets all with the assistance of a well-reputed localization system.  

Project Management Tools

Content translation and optimization are nothing less than a complete project management activity. It can be your content, marketing material, webpages, game or application user interfaces, and appealing visuals, to name a few. All these requirements are professionally covered by a project management tool being offered by your TMS. Project management tools divide the translation project into different milestones and assign each task to the relevant supplier. Moreover, project management tools organize your documents in the same pattern and upload them to the cloud, so you can easily access and monitor performance. This unique approach to localization project management attracts more customers and eliminates the need for a traditional translator. 

CAT Tools

Computer-assisted translation is an incredible feature that has fueled technology innovation across different localization management system. CAT Tools integrates machine translation, which aims to deliver the most precise and accurate results possible. It is an automation tool that includes comprehensive translation memory and file formatting features to deliver translation with quick turnaround time and utmost accuracy. CAT tools revolve around extensive algorithms that maintain the same tone and context of source content. Furthermore, developers regularly update these tools to add more features and enhance the quality of content.

Additional Language Pairs

Translation service providers offer limited language pairs according to their expertise and markets. However, localization management platforms strive to offer translation in every language pair available. Offering limited access or a smaller number of language pairs damages the integrity of translators. With the help of these platforms, you can enjoy ultimate access to advanced localization tools across multiple language pairs.

Rich Glossary and Translation Memory

Comprehensive glossaries and advanced translation memory give localization platforms a significant edge over traditional translators. Translation agencies offer services with limited features. Without the assistance of AI technology and database features, it is nearly impossible to preserve a glossary. Document translation servicesstruggled to offer comprehensive glossaries and cloud-based translation memory. However, these features are mandatory to get high quality document translation.TMS comes into play with a rich glossary to overcome the limitations and transform the process of professional document translation.

Service provider platforms always keep on embracing innovative technologies to follow emerging trends and provide customers with all the latest features. Furthermore, localization management platforms evolved with technology to provide translation memory widgets that captured the interest of commercial clients. Several renowned firms and government departments have shifted towards these localization tools because of the features and support they offer.  

24/7 Reliable Support

Localization services truly rely on exceptional customer support and communication between various stakeholders to drive quality results. These services cannot be achieved professionally without reliable communication and support. As the competition increases, translation platforms are offering incredible customer support to transform their digital footprint and customer experience. A completely satisfied client will surely recommend the platform to others. Also, a professional platform providing unparalleled customer support can grab more customers and improve overall rankings. Similarly, customer support keeps the client informed about the status of their project so they can share queries in real-time and get a quick resolution.

Wrapping It Up

The demand for localization services isn’t going to reduce anytime soon. That is why translation management platforms are upgrading to provide a highly impactful translation experience. These platforms are backed by both human and machine translators to produce content that perfectly resonates with the target audience and preserves the same context. To put it in a nutshell, localization platforms can greatly help you enter the global business landscape and enhance your digital footprint.