Reasons to Hire an Employment Attorney for Unpaid Wages

Wages, hours and overtime are the important components of any workplace. The salary, monetary benefits and even promotions can be dependent on these parameters. In many cases, disputes arise between one or more employees and the company as they did not get paid for the number of hours they worked. One of the most common issues is unpaid overtime, which needs to be handled by a qualified employment lawyer. In this, if the employer has made an employee work after his regular working hours, he is bound to pay him the wage.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can help you in many ways. Most importantly, he will protect your rights as an employee. Some of the benefits of having an employment lawyer are elaborated on below:

Understanding of the validity of the case

An employment lawyer can review your case and establish if your employer has broken any law. It has been observed that many cases are not valid because the employee may not have enough understanding of these laws. A lawyer can go through the facts of the case and ensure that it stands valid. 

Applicable laws that have been broken 

Depending on the facts of the case, he will figure out which laws have been broken so that the appropriate penalties can be imposed on the employer. Some of these instances are listed below:

  • Improper records
  • Not keeping the timelines
  • Making employees work even after the threshold of 40 hours
  • Not including bonus pay when they are eligible

A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to review these laws and take steps to get you compensation.

Guidance on the options

It is suggested to contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible. At least, when you get an idea that you have not been paid as committed, you must contact him and discuss your case. He can suggest filing a lawsuit against the lawyer and even speak to him on your behalf.  Besides that, you will require certain documents to support your claim and your lawyer will guide you on this. 

Setting your expectations right 

Your lawyer will educate you on the possible outcomes of your case so that you don’t consider it a get-rich scheme. He can look at the facts and tell you what you can expect.

By hiring a lawyer, you can win a fair compensation that you deserve.