Subscription Fatigue: Managing and Optimizing Your Online Bill Payments

In the contemporary digital era, numerous businesses provide services through subscription models, encompassing a spectrum of offerings, such as streaming platforms, software applications, meal kit deliveries, online electricity bill payment, and online publications. 

While this method has unquestionably transformed the manner in which we access and derive enjoyment from a wide array of services, it has simultaneously ushered in a fresh array of difficulties. 

Subscription fatigue is the increasing sensation of fatigue and inundation that individuals grapple with while handling and juggling the numerous subscriptions they’ve accumulated.

What is subscription fatigue?

Subscription fatigue is a phenomenon that has surfaced in our progressively digital and interconnected environment. Subscription overload or subscription burnout pertains to the sense of being inundated or fatigued due to the extensive array of subscription-based services and memberships that individuals subscribe to.

So, you can manage all your subscription utility bills, like Airtel payment bill, etc, under one platform and avoid this fatigue. 

How do you manage and optimize your online bill payments?

  • Create a bill calendar and organize your bills.

Compile a comprehensive roster of your recurring expenses, noting their due dates and minimum payment requirements. Establish notifications through your phone or email to keep you updated on these deadlines. Utilize a digital folder or employ a bill management application to archive electronic versions of your bills. 

  • Automatic payments

Arrange for automated payments for regular bills such as rent or mortgage, utility costs, insurance premiums, and credit card obligations. Confirming that your account maintains adequate funds to meet these automated payment obligations is imperative.

  • Optimize and consolidate your payments.

Contemplate establishing direct debits for specific bills to guarantee timely payments. In the case of multiple credit cards, contemplate combining outstanding balances onto a single card to streamline the payment process. Choose an operator that allows all kinds of payments under one hood, like property tax online payment.

  • Verification before submitting

Consistently scrutinize your bills for any inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Verify the precision of charges and make sure that you are not making payments for services that are no longer necessary.

  • Budget allocation

Incorporate all your expenses into your monthly budget, ensuring you allocate funds for your bills in advance to prevent overspending in other categories.

Which is the best app for online bill payment?

Last month I forgot to pay my electricity bill on time, and I had to pay an extra fee for the late payment. My friend suggested that I use the Bajaj Finserv app for making all my utility payments, including online electricity bill payment, using their app as it is very easy to use and understand.

You can also pay your property tax using their app. Follow the steps written below to make your property tax payment online:

  1. Download the Bajaj Finserv application on your Android/iOS device. Sign up 
  2. Select “View All” within the “Bills & Recharges” segment on the homepage.
  3. You’ll see Municipal Taxes at the bottom.
  4. Choose the service provider and input the required information.

This has made property tax online payment extremely easy, convenient and reliable, all at the same time making your life easy.


As the realm of subscriptions undergoes ongoing transformation, it becomes imperative for individuals to stay discerning about their selections and for companies to contemplate the provision of subscription options that are both flexible and transparent. 

By pursuing this balanced approach, we can preserve subscriptions as a source of convenience and enrichment, steering clear of their potential to cause stress and exhaustion.