Why Should I Pursue a Career in Pharmacy Technician Jobs?

Pharmacy technicians provide lucrative and satisfying careers in the healthcare sector. Pursuing pharmacy technology is a good career if you have a passion for health care and like working in a competitive setting. This article will discuss why it is wise to start a career as a pharmacy technician.

Growing Demand and Job Security

This article aims to discuss one of the most important reasons to opt for pharmacy technician careers, which is an increased demand for these professionals. Healthcare continues to grow and more skilled pharmacy technicians are becoming essential. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the number of employed pharmacy technicians will increase at a rate higher than the 2019-2029 average growth rate for occupations (7%).

Opportunity for Advancement

There are many opportunities for career mobility across pharmacy technician jobs careers. With more skills and certificates, you can become a lead or assistant pharmaceutical technician, a drug inventory officer, or a supervisor of a hospital’s chemist shop. You can further your career by pursuing other options like pharmaceutical sales and pharmacy technician instructor if you acquire advanced training or specialized education. 

Hands-On Patient Interaction

Pharmacy technicians have many chances to deal with the patients and the medical staff. They help pharmacists dispense medicines, answer patients’ questions, and provide medication counseling. Engaging directly with patients allows you to participate in their care by ensuring they comprehend the appropriate use and possible effects of drugs. 

Contributing to Healthcare

Pharmaceutical assistants are crucial members of the healing force responsible for ensuring that patients receive life-sustaining drugs administered by pharmacists. When carrying out your role as a pharmacy technician, you influence the patients’ outcomes. You help patients get appropriate correct medications in time by dispensing accurate doses, avoiding medication mistakes, and managing stock and supplies. Participation in this sector of healthcare is important since it contributes significantly towards saving lives and promotes public health.

Flexibility and Work Settings

It is worth noting that pharmacy technology offers more flexibility concerning a workplace, schedule, etc. There are numerous chances of getting employed in different healthcare facilities like; hospitals, retail pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and mail-order pharmacies. This flexibility enables you to select a workplace that fits your taste and life situation/circumstances. Furthermore, most pharmacies conduct their business around the clock and they have different schedules that will suit you well.

Educational Requirements and Training

A person aspiring to become a pharmacy technician must normally have completed their secondary education and hold a high school diploma. Nevertheless, some states can demand additional conditions, including a pharmacy technician program completion and certification. These programs generally equip students with specialized knowledge of pharmacy operations, medication care, and drug calculations within stipulated periods; hence, they are very important as they ensure that a new graduate has attained the requisite knowledge and skills required to practice within the field. Moreover, seeking extra credentials, like the CPhT, will make you more sellable and enable you to access good jobs with bigger pay.

Competitive Salary and Benefits

Healthcare Staffing positions are well-paying jobs that provide attractive benefits, hence financially rewarding careers. The BLS also reported that in May 2020, a pharmacy technician earned a mean annual wage of $34,020, which was dependent upon factors like area, experience, and workplace.


Those who are interested in the healthcare sector and want a fulfilling profession that offers job stability and growth prospects may find that becoming a pharmacy technician is a sensible decision. This career path offers a rewarding and bright future because of the growing demand for pharmacy technicians, hands-on patient connection, contribution to healthcare, flexibility in work situations, and attractive compensation.